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Milwaukee students have quite a few options when it comes to colleges. Local students can enroll in a big college like the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or a smaller school like Cardinal Stritch University.

But there are other options as well. Use our search tool to see some of them:

There are lots of options as to which college to attend and which major to choose. While we can't talk about all of these options, we just want to mention a couple that soon-to-be college freshmen sometimes overlook.

Nursing students can work towards earning their LPN, RN or BSN degree. Nursing is both a tough, yet rewarding, profession. It isn't for everyone, but it can be a perfect fit for the right individual. Learn about earning a BSN degree.

The clothing and fashion business is another career area that you may consider. Most clothing and fashion jobs are in the retail and marketing sector, while a few are in the design and production area. Good job candidates should already have an interest in fashion and apparel before committing to what can be a demanding work schedule. See more about this career. You can also look for fashion and business training schools in the Milwaukee and Chicago area by clicking here.

If you are still in high school, make sure you stay until you finish. While there are options for either completing your high school diploma or your GED after quitting high school, in the long run, it is just easier staying in school and completing your degree. Finish your diploma

line is where you can look for nursing classes and degree programs at schools around the USA.
Other course choices to find degree programs in career choices like interior design, engineering, medicine and management.
Milwaukee college degrees see points for determining some very good college classes.
Colleges outside of Wisconsin and see great suggestions when picking any school.

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