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If you are interested in looking at schools outside of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, you can use a website such as this one to search through degrees and options.

As far as specific careers are concerned, teaching is still a popular profession for students who are really interested in a topic (such as history), but that topic doesn't directly lead to a set employment path. Many people really enjoy the teaching experience as well. Take a look at coursework in education.

Business is still a popular college major. And it isn't popular just at the undergraduate level, it is also one of the most popular graduate level fields as well. The main reason for this is employers are progressively increasing the value of seeing a master's degree on their job applicants' resumes. Look for a Master of Business Administration Degree program.

One major city that not every student considers enrolling at a college at is Atlanta. Atlanta has a lot to offer students and recent graduates. It isn't right for every student, but it might be just right for you. Consider Atlanta for your college application or some other local college.


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